1999 Photo Gallery

Welcome to the "3 dudes on the road" photo gallery. Check back here during and after the festival because our "3 dudes" will be updating the site with photos of the Woodstock festival plus more when they finally return and recuperate from their adventure. So even if you are heading off to experience Woodstock yourself, check back here when you get back. Hey, you may be on film!

Check back here soon. We will be updating the photos on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after the show!


This is what was left of the peace wall in the morning after the riots
Woodstockians watch on as a fire blazes
More fires
A drummer beats on a burning barrel to add to the strange atmosphere of the riots
Rioters overturn a car
Donna inspects the wreckage
The scene was normal before the riots as two young girls celebrate their Woodstock adventure.
More candle creations. (These candles are probably the source of the fires. We are not sure who was giving them out, but they were everywhere.) .
Drew and Donna with that MTV guy...
More candle creations
MTV covers Woodstock
Crazy from the heat. (Actually we were a little bored waiting for the Megadeth press conference)
Chris bugging the lead singer from Megadeth...Dave Mustaine