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Here are some original stories from 1969 that were published in the Beacon Journal. The hunt for these stories was an interesting one to say the least. Hope you enjoy them. I had fun digging them up and learning how to operate "one of those film thingamajiggers". Thank god for computers!

Music Lovers 'Beautiful

WHITE LAKE, N.Y. - The great rock festival ended today in the same spirit of peace and sharing that enabled 400,000 young people to gather for three days of music, marijuana and mod living without a major incident.

300,000 Rock Fans Strip, Isolate Town

WHITE LAKE, N.Y. - The rock music festival staggered forward Saturday as an estimated 300,000 young fans left this small lake community with short rations, inadequate medical service and cut off from the outside except by aircraft.

A Real Jam Session
Rock music fans found traffic at a standstill on New York 17 leading to Bethel as thousands as persons converged on the resort area town for a weekend pop music festival billed as "three days of peace and music." The hightway, normally carrying two-way traffic, was a one-way jam for miles when this photo was made.
A plaque commemorates the site of the original 1969 Woodstock music festival at the farm near Bethel, N.Y., once owned by Max Yasgur, shown in this July 19, 1994, file photo. A security vehicle roams the grounds weeks prior to the planned reunion concert. Jim Kosa, a Pennsylvania man undergoing "midlife genesis" is heading a group of investors seeking to buy the site and make it the "premiere music venue in the world." (AP Photo/Bill Sikes, file)
Bethel, N.Y. Aug. 16 Thousands of rock music fans sit on hills above stage area at the Woodstock Music and Art Festival as the music befan in Bethel, N.Y., Saturday. Overnight rains turned the hills into fields of mud. (AP Wirephoto)
Joan Baez Sings for half a million young people in "Woodstock," the Michael Wadleigh Film for Warner Bros.
Singer Joe Cocker performs at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in Bethel, N.Y. in Aug. 1969.
Janis Joplin, Singer and performer. Woodstock 1969.
Pete Townshend, who performed with "The Who" at the original Woodstock 29 years ago plays before a estimated crowd of 20,000 plus on the second day of the 29th Anniversary festival in Bethel, N.Y., on Saturday, Aug. 15, 1998. (AP Photo/Ken Bizzigotti)
"A Day in the Garden" concert in Bethel, N.Y., continues despite the rain Friday evening, Aug. 14, 1998. Balding baby boomers, tie-dyed families and body-pierced teen-agers gathered at the site of the original Woodstock concert Friday for a 29th anniversary show. (AP Photo/Poughkeepsie Journal, Spencer Ainsley)
Joe Cocker performs during the Woodstock music festival in the summer of 1969. (AP Photo/ho)
An Aug.16,1969 photo shows part of the crowd which converged on Bethel, N.Y. for the Woostock Rock Music Festival. More than 200,000 were estimated to have attended the event.(AP photo/NY Post)
Traffic tries to make its way to Bethel, N.Y. Friday, where a three-day rock festival has drawn more than 200,000 followers of pop music. Cars at right have been left by their owners who felt if would be easier to get to the festival without them. Festival producers asked all vehicles heading toward the festival to turn back due to the extremely heavy traffic. (AP Wirephoto)
Rock music fans jump from a tree sculpture into a pile of hay on the grounds of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival in Bethel, N.Y., Friday. Some 200,000 fans jammed into the festival site in a former cow pasture. (AP Wirephoto)
This is an August 1988 file photo of June Gelish posing at the site of the Woodstock Festival at Bethel, N.Y. Gelish, whose inheritance of the Woodstock concert site brought her unwanted crowds of tie-dyed pilgrims and a lawsuit, has died at age 67. (AP Photo/Jim McKnight, file)
Rock music fans relax during a break in the entertainment at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in Bethel, N.Y., late Friday. Some 200,000 persons have crowded into a cow pasture for the event. (AP Wirephoto)
Woman sweeps debris from the street in front of her Bethel, N.Y. home as rock fans leave Woodstock Music and Art Festival Sunday. Many of the 300,000 persons attending the festival were still making their way home today. (AP Wirephoto)
Melanie Safka, who performed at the original Woodstock 29 years ago, opens the second day of the festival "Day In The Garden," in Bethel, N.Y., Saturday, Aug. 15, 1998. (AP Photo/Ken Bizzigotti)
Richie Havens, who performed at Woodstock 29 years ago, looks for his name on the Woodstock monument at the "Day In the Garden" festival in Bethal, N.Y., Friday, Aug. 14, 1998. Far from repeating the crowded, chaotic atmosphere of the '69 show at Max Yasgur's farm. (AP Photo/Ken Bizzigotti)
A crowd gathers at the stage set up for the Woodstock rock concert on the great meadow of Max Yasgur's farm at Bethel, New York August 1969.(AP Photo)
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