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These are some of my favorite photos that I shot during Woodstock. I have a deep love of photography (especially people) and I was in heaven during Woodstock! There were so many great people to shoot, I wish I have shot more during the weekend. Check back here for the next 4-5 days and I will be posting a new photo gallery each day. Everything from the bands to the riot. It will be fun. I'll help you relive Woodstock right here on this page. Check em' out!
Rusted Root's lead singer Mike Glabicki rocked the crowd like you would not believe! I was not a Rusted Root fan until Woodstock! They are the coolest.
Two Woodstockians hold each other as they sway to the intense sounds of Megadeth.
Ahh... the sounds of Megadeth! I got to be in the photo pit for this one and let me tell you, it was the coolest!
A man stands as if he is at attention in some bizaar Woodstock army as we all wait for the next act to start.
This man was crashed! He was asleep and rolling around in the trash... but I am sure he was dreaming something better than the sun and trash that was consuming him!
The crowd was the coolest! Everyone enjoyed having their photo taken, and since I love photographing people, I was in heaven.
We were all right in the middle of the rioting, burning and looting and I shot a whole role of film while were were caught up in the mayhem! This is one of the coolest.
This man was intently watching Rusted Root. He was digging them, but he seemed to be waiting for the next act because when I saw him during the next act, he was really rockin'!
Water? $4.00 a bottle? I think I would probably pay double if I could buy it from this vendor. Gorilla merchants were everywhere! All you had to do was take a shuttle to WalMart in town, buy a case for $2.99, bring it in and put close to $50 in your pocket! We thought about it...
I couldn't resist taking a shot of these people! They were the nicest and coolest people... rock on Psycadellic Santa!
This woman seemed to be in a world of her own as she swayed to the sounds of the band and soaked up the warm sun on Sunday.
One again... the crowd was great and this particular woman had "photograph me!" written all over her. I couldn't resist. What a cool crowd shot!
Collective Soul rocked too. One of the best bands around right now and they did great.
Drew and Donna working hard to serve you as usual and soaking up the sounds of Rusted Root as they pack themselves into the sea of people.
You know... if all the Peace Patrol staff looked like this guy, we would not have had any riots! I was scared of this guy. He was a serious butt kicker and he meant business.
More to come, check back tomorrow! Back to the photogallery...

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