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Surprise Acts

We have heard from unconfirmed sources that there is a possibiliy that some surprise acts might show up including STP, Prince and Alice in Chains! We will keep you posted!

Source - Woodstock.com forums

More acts added!

I just read on mtv.com that there are some more acts confirmed for Woodstock 99! Woodstock '99 continues to beef up its already formidable
lineup this week as Megadeth, Sevendust, Ben Lee, and Indigenous have been added to its
roster. Here is the official list now (not including the new additons)

The Chemical Brothers
George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars
Collective Soul
Counting Crows
Sheryl Crow
Fatboy Slim
Mickey Hart's Planet Drum
Ice Cube
Insane Clown Posse
Wyclef Jean & the Refugee Allstars
Kid Rock
Limp Bizkit
Los Lobos
Dave Matthews Band
Alanis Morissette
Willie Nelson
Mike Ness
The Offspring
Our Lady Peace
Rage Against the Machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rusted Root
Sugar Ray
Brian Setzer Orchestra
The Tragically Hip
The Umbilical Brothers

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Source - MTV Story

Details, Details!

I went to the volunteer orientation for the show the other day and learned a few things that have been addressed on these boards, but not so clearly. I hope what I learned helps. It comes straight from the Woodstock people:

1. Prices will not be as high as we have been hearing. I was mostly concerned about the price of beer. They said it would be 4 or 5 bucks. They laughed at the "7.50 for a beer" idea. Prices will be high, but not unlike what you see at any other big show or sporting event.

2. The show will not be a police state, as some seem to think. There will not be any uniformed officers on the premises. They just want you to be careful and not get hurt.

3. There will be one big wall built around the site. Its made of plywood, its based in cement, and its 12 feet high. It will be surrounded by security people (one person every 50 feet). A few people are expected to sneak in. But that wall isn't coming down. If you are planning on crashing the show, make sure you bring a bulldozer. Otherwise, you'll be out of luck.

4. If you try to sneak anything in, be careful. If they catch you, you will be asked to take it back to your car. That dosen't sound like too much of a pain, but getting back in line for another long wait will suck.

5. No one knows who will be playing when or on what stage yet. The schedules aren't set.

6. The site is massive. Get ready to lose 20 pounds every time you walk from one stage to another - they are about one mile apart. I'm not kidding. The parking lot is a mile and a half long. The campground is huge too. The campground alone is the size of the entire WS '94 site. And you will only be able to camp on the campgrounds. They want to clear out the areas in front of the stage after the bands close up shop for the night.

7. Woodstock volunteers will provide you with all the free condoms you need.

There you go. I missed some things, Im sure. But I hope this demolishes some rumors.

Source - Woodstock.com forums

Aerosmith out!

What you saw on the front page of Woodstock.com was the real thing. Aerosmith is really not playing due to production conflicts and scheduling conflicts. I have this info from a much more reliable source than any of you who keep putting Woodstock down cause it isn't their fault. I swear to you. That is the real reason they pulled out.

Source - Woodstock.com forums


I'm a local. I don't want to bum anybody out, but, you should know that security at this ws is goin to be real serious. Over 1000 State troopers, same for private security, also dogs, swat teams. ONSITE courthouse, full time judge, and jailhouse. They said they learned from the past ws and its gonna be different this time. Come and enjoy the experience. BE COOL. Good luck.

Source - Woodstock.com forums

Access to Cars

the on-site parking lots are within walking distance to the camping areas, and you will be allowed access to your car throughout the weekend. What you cannot do is loiter, party, or sleep in/around your car.

Source - Woodstock.com forums

Local Info

Here are some tips that may come in handy.

�Camping Gear - in downtown Rome there is an outdoor supply store named Phillipsons. They have everything you will need in case you did not get time to plan ahead.

� Rome has a large Italian community, and you can find lots of decent inexpensive restaurants and Pizza spots � Rome has a WalMart

� Black River Blvd is a four-lane street that leads to the Chestnut Street entrance to the Air Base - it has many chain fast food restaurants and gas stations.

� The Rome Hospital is less than one half mile from the Chestnut Street entrance to Griffis

� If you are camping at Lake Delta State Park and hitching into the festival you may want to stop off at the Fish Hatchery about 2.5 miles from the Park to check out the beautiful trout in the ponds

� Next to the Hatchery is a laid back bar named the Snubbing Post ..... a cold draft may really hit the spot towards the end of July, day or night.

� The New York Central train stops in Rome.

� Rome has motels, no need to stay in Syracuse or Utica .... some are less than a mile from the entrance to the Base

Source - Woodstock.com forums

Will there be vegetarian food

At '94 it was very easy to find vegetarian food, although I don't know what brand of vegetarian you are, so "easy" is relative.

Source - Woodstock.com forums

Water and Showers

WATER: The permit also says that adequate service facilities as well as hand washing and potable water services will be made available to festival attendees. A generator will be provided at each of the service areas. Snow fencing will be installed around the generator for security.


Shower facilities for the attendees will also be provided. The showers may consist of individual stalls with water that is heated to about 90 degrees F. The stalls will either consist of metal walls or other durable water resistant materials. The water will be collected off the floor and discharged to a sewer line. The shower stalls may either be in tents or other types of fabric type structures or shipping containers.

Source - Woodstock.com forums

Security Update

Security update.. Instead of 1000 Troopers they've decided they can only afford 500. So that's the new figure. Also, regarding searches, there will be 2 searches, 1 entering camping area and one when entering the ws village and concert area. They will consist of metal detecting wands and "requests" to open bags and sacks.

Source - Woodstock.com forums

Don't do drugs

Out-of-state visitors may not be aware of how harshly New York State treats drug and alcohol offenses. We list the following for everyone's benefit and recommend that you let the music and good times be your only highs at Woodstock '99.

The sale of 2 ounces of drugs such as cocaine or the possession of 4 ounces is a Class A-I felony punishable by a minimum of 15 years to life in prison.

The sale of 1 ounce of drugs such as cocaine or the possession of 2 ounces is a Class A-II felony punishable by a mandatory minimum of 3 years to life in prison.

The possession of 1/2 ounce of most illegal drugs and the sale or intent to sell any amount of drugs is a Class B felony punishable by 1 to 4 1/2 years in prison.

The possession of 1/8 ounce of most illegal drugs is a Class C felony punishable by 1 to 3 years in prison. Driving while intoxicated (0.10 percent+ blood alcohol level) penalties for first-time offenders include fines of $500-$1,000, and jail terms of up to 1 year.

Repeat DWI offenders face fines of $1,000-$5,000 and jail terms of up to 4 years.


Source - Woodstock.com forums

Insane Clown Posse will close the show

Insane Clown Posse will close the show in the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning. Then, we all get to sleep or party for a few hours before leaving on Monday

Source - Woodstock.com forums

Traffic Congestion

WS expects around 80,000 vehicles. Peak arrivals are expected around noon Thursday and peak departures are
expected Sunday evening.
R1 rating is least congested
R3 rating is severe congestion [also most likely the offsite lots will be used]
Wednesday noon to 8 p.m. - R2
8 p.m. to midnight- R1
Thursday 12:01 a.m. to 7 a.m. - R1
7 a.m. to noon - R2
Noon to 8 p.m. - R3
8 p.m. to midnight - R2
Friday 12:01 a.m. to 7 a.m. - R1
7 a.m. to noon - R3
noon to 8 p.m. - R2
8 p.m. to midnight - R1
Saturday 12:01 a.m. to midnight - R1
Sunday 12:01 a.m. to noon - R1
noon to 8 p.m. - R2
8 p.m. to midnight - R3
Monday 12:01 a.m. to noon - R3
noon to 8 p.m. - R2

Source - Woodstock.com forums

Guitar God Hendrix Jam To Close Woodstock99!!!

RollingStone.com just reported that according to a reliable source close to Woodstock99 management, a tribute to Jimi Hendrix will close the festival. According to the report, guitarists already playing at the festival in addition to other guitarists being specially flown in for the tribute, will jam as a tribute to the 30th anniversary of Jimi's performance at the original Woodstock.

Woodstock '99 performance to be shown on pay-per-view

If you're willing to shell out the bucks, pay-per-view will let you enjoy 60 hours of Woodstock '99 from the comfort of your own home. Set for July 23-25, this 30th anniversary celebration of Woodstock is slated to feature Aerosmith, George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars, Metallica, Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, Ice Cube and others. The suggested retail price for each day of the pay-per-view event is $29.95, or $59.95 for all three days. For information on ordering pay-per-view, contact your local cable company.

Aerosmith has canceled their appearance at Woodstock.

So far there has been no official reason given. We have heard everything from the Woodstock organizers wouldn't pay them enough and they wanted the last position on Sunday night and the organizers would not give it to them. Please check back soon for more information. No word on ticket refunds.

The official word is that Aerosmith has canceled its appearance at the festival "due to scheduling conflicts."

The word is that ticket prices will increase from $150.00 to $180.00 on the day of the show so get them now! Sales are now estimated at the 150,000 mark.

A replacement for Aerosmith is in the works. Several bands will be announced soon for the main stage. Construction is beginning on the 12 foot wall which will surround the site the site.

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