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These are some of my favorite photos that I shot during Woodstock. I have a deep love of photography (especially people) and I was in heaven during Woodstock! There were so many great people to shoot, I wish I have shot more during the weekend. Check back here for the next 4-5 days and I will be posting a new photo gallery each day. Everything from the bands to the riot. It will be fun. I'll help you relive Woodstock right here on this page. Check em' out!
Megadeth rockin' the world!
There was more trash at Woodstock than you could shake a stick at!
Here are some of the chared remains of one of the fires.
Literally a sea of people...
This woman was totally lost in the music as she reached out to touch the sounds coming from the stage.
Once again I'll say it... Collective Soul ROCKED!
A Shot from the crowd as Brian Setzer rocked on! I didn't think he would go over very well at first, but the crowd was loving him!
The police moving in to crush the violators!
Drew lost in the "sea of people"!
More crowd shots!
The devil! This guy was quite a sight! He had this freaky devil mask on and it seemed like every 5 minutes he was up above the crowd and being passed to the front of the stage. He soon made friends with the security guards that helped him out of the pit and back down the runway to start another trip to the front of the stage.
Brian Setzer rockin' our socks off...
This was our pass to everything Woodstock! They told us it was worth more than gold and that turned out to be exactly true. It got us everywhere! Battered and beaten just like us...
More to come, check back tomorrow! Back to the photogallery...

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