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These are some of my favorite photos that I shot during Woodstock. I have a deep love of photography (especially people) and I was in heaven during Woodstock! There were so many great people to shoot, I wish I have shot more during the weekend. Check back here for the next 4-5 days and I will be posting a new photo gallery each day. Everything from the bands to the riot. It will be fun. I'll help you relive Woodstock right here on this page. Check em' out!
These girls were having a ball during the show. They never stopped dancing, and I really felt sorry for those poor guys that were holding them up the whole time. They were wearing me out just watching!
This man was helping carry a huge flag over the crowd. It was a pretty cool sight.
I was amazed at the difference in age at Woodstock. You would expect teenagers, but Woodstock provided entertainment for every age. That's what made it cool.
Peace man! Rockin' Sunday evening away to the sounds of Collective Soul.
This guy was killing me! He must have been doing some sort of Yoga. He was on his head forever. I wish I would've grabbed a few more shots of him. It was a wild sight!
This picture represents the fury that is Megadeth!
Tough looking guy! I wouldn't want to make him wait too long. He looked very impatient while waiting for the next band to take the stage.
I am sure there were a lot of sore feet after the weekend. Dancing was a popular sport all three days.
The main stage.
The trash that accumulated was amazing. Not sure why the Woodstock organizers didn't try to clean up some of the mess... regardless it was everywhere!
Rocking to Rusted Root! Yeah!
We were right at the entrance when the state police and the fire trucks started to move in and kick some booty! This was the first fire truck waiting at the entrance just before the hundreds of police entered to stop the riots.
God bless America... and Woodstock!
This girls sole purpose during the Rusted Root show was to get the band to see her sign. By the look on her face, I think she just succeeded!
You are never too old man... peace! Yeah!
More to come, check back tomorrow! Back to the photogallery...

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