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These are some of my favorite photos that I shot during Woodstock. I have a deep love of photography (especially people) and I was in heaven during Woodstock! There were so many great people to shoot, I wish I have shot more during the weekend. Check back here for the next 4-5 days and I will be posting a new photo gallery each day. Everything from the bands to the riot. It will be fun. I'll help you relive Woodstock right here on this page. Check em' out!
More crowd shots! These guys were loving getting their picture taken.
Talk about wild! These guys were into the show big time. Yeah!!
The flags in the crowd were really cool. People loved to show the long distances that they traveled to be a part of Woodstock.
This is a little "artsy-fartsy" picture of a wild crowd surfer.
Rusted Root! They rocked!
This is the police force moving in to soothe the crowd. Note the fires in the distance.
I was right at the edge of the stage for this one. Collective Soul was one of the coolest bands there!
This was the crowd shot during Godsmack. One of the most memorible things about Woodstock was the crowd during Godsmack. They were insane! I have never seen such intense excitement from a crowd ever! Godsmack is the coolest. I ran right out when I got home and bought the album.
The lead singer from Godsmack rocking the crowd to death!
I couldn't resist capturing this young couple together enjoying their Woodstock experience.
This shot turned out great, but it was actually an accident! I was just trying to get a shot of the trucks exploding and when the camera flashed it caught this young couple enjoying a moment of silence amongst the riot.
These guys were trying their best to get on MTV. Not sure if they made it, but I know the cameras were close.
I would've given a million dollars to sleep in this old beater trailer during Woodtock! Pretty cool huh? Much better than sleeping in a tent!
More to come, check back tomorrow! Back to the photogallery...

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