We are but one in a sea of thousands....(on the way to the East Stage)
As we look onto the East Stage, while close compared to the 3000 acre base, its still another 400 - 500 yards away.
Many anxiously await yet the next act of over 40 bands.
The Godfather of Soul makes his way onto the East Stage.
Jason looks on to the screen as James Brown shows up the 200,000 plus crowd.
A close up of the massive structure that holds up the east stage (Inside Word: Chris and Jason were not allowed to be here, but being courageous, daring, and non-law abiding citizens they did it for you. Shortyly therafter the kindhearted security escourted them to the door.)
A "victim" of World War Mud.
This is part of what Woodstock is all about.
A mud covered mistory man(In Blue) on his way to the east stage to see LIVE.
This is what happens at Woodstock when you have a 3 hour wait to take a shower. YOU DON'T and you start braiding away.
Fans look on as Sheryl Crow takes the stage.
One Excited Fan among a city of 250,000 screaming fans. Yes, the color ocean that reaches to the sky line is not vendors, venues or even campgrounds it is in fact made up of 250,000 individual fans.
We are the people of Woodstock 99.
Another perspective of Sheryl Crow as she performs one of her many hits.
Another look at the seemingly endless sea of fans crowded into the land in front of the east stage.
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