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Woodstock News from 1999

McLachlan Says Woodstock About Money
NEW YORK (AP) - Lilith Fair founder Sarah McLachlan knows what went wrong at Woodstock.

Woodstock Thieves Sought Via Web
OME, N.Y. (AP) - State police have turned to the Internet as they try to track down thieves and vandals who trashed the Woodstock '99 site, a move that has raised questions about the use of journalistic photographs.

Woodstock Rape Reports Investigated
Two of the rapes allegedly occurred in the festival's camping area. Another purportedly took place in the crowd near the main stage as the group Limp Bizkit played its set.

AP Protests Use of Photos by Cops
ROME, N.Y. (AP) - State police said today that they will continue to post several Associated Press photographs in their cyberspace investigation of crimes at Woodstock '99, despite demands from AP that the photos be removed.

What Went Wrong at Woodstock '99?
NEW YORK (AP) - The promoters of Woodstock '99 should have anticipated problems when the festival's more aggressive lineup played before such a big crowd, according to a musician who headlined one all-night rave.

Media Seek Cop Site Photo Removal
NEW YORK (AP) - Gov. George Pataki has been asked by prominent journalism groups to order the state police to remove copyright news photos from its Woodstock '99 Web pages.

Peace, love, music ... then arson, vandalism at end of Woodstock '99
ROME, N.Y. -- What began with scattered bonfires near the close of Woodstock '99 -- just as peace candles were being handed out -- ended in a destructive melee that was finally quieted early this morning.

Fires, looting mark end of Woodstock
Peace, love abandoned as the crowd unleashes chaos on the last night

In the end, Woodstock burned.
Hundreds of concertgoers Sunday night fueled a dozen roaring fires with anything they could find: planks, frames, tables, tents. York.

From Kid Rock to $4 bottled water, this year's Woodstock catering to different crowds
ROME, N.Y. -- Forget Woodstock, this is Disneyland, a rock-and-roll theme park. To survive it, you need a map and a plan.

Talkin' 'bout my generation
Dave Benn is going to Woodstock.The Kenmore art teacher is painting a mural commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Woodstock Music & Art Fair on a 1969 Volkswagen bus and plans to drive it to central New York.

This Woodstock has more power
That is, after all, the main attraction at Woodstock '99, which features the beefiest concert bill in North America this year.

A Woodstock weekend
Basic info about the weekend

The new Woodstock nation
It will be huge. Momentous. Spectacular. And while the greater meaning of Woodstock '99 -- if any -- will be determined later, one thing is certain for now.

No peace for Woodstock '99
When the wave receded, the 25th anniversary concert left Saugerties with a pot of money, a pile of garbage, and -- for some -- lingering resentment.

Big-time talent, big-ticket item
Three days of peace, love and mud don't come cheap anymore. But considering the music lineup at Woodstock '99, those $150 tickets -- which go on sale Sunday -- might not be such a bad deal.

Some Woodstock neighbors don't want another muddy mess
That resentment is emerging now that promoters are trying to follow through with a multiday 30th anniversary ``Woodstock '99'' festival here in July. Some don't want the hassle of hosting a city-sized crowd again. And they don't want another giant muddy mess left behind.

Detroit Rappers on Woodstock Roster
ROME, N.Y. (AP) - The Insane Clown Posse is among five new acts added to the lineup for Woodstock '99.

AMP3.com Takes Woodstock Virtual
Company Press Release
June 29, 1999--By the time he got to Woodstock, Michael Sharp, President/Founder of AMP3.com, had scored the greatest coup for the digital music industry. In an unprecedented arrangement, the AMP3.com web site has positioned itself as the exclusive MP3 provider present at the thirtieth anniversary of the music event that defined a generation.

Woodstock organizers have no plans to park in village
TRENTON, N.Y. (AP) -- Woodstock '99 organizers say there is no reason for this rural village -- or any others in the area -- to grow anxious that they will be turned into a massive parking lot for the three-day music festival this summer.

Aerosmith Cancels Woodstock Concert
ROME, N.Y. (AP) ‹ Aerosmith, one of the main acts scheduled to perform at Woodstock '99, has canceled its appearance at the rock festival because of scheduling conflicts.