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Woodstock organizers have no plans to park in village

TRENTON, N.Y. (AP) -- Woodstock '99 organizers say there is no reason for this rural village -- or any others in the area -- to grow anxious that they will be turned into a massive parking lot for the three-day music festival this summer.

A local resident announced plans recently to park 15,000 cars on his property, located about 10 miles from the site of the July concert.

Residents also said a concert promoter carried around a petition seeking support for the plan, which immediately triggered a backlash of opposition in the community. Signs of protest popped up everywhere.

But on Friday, Woodstock spokeswoman Ilene Marder said residents were worried unnecessarily.

"We have no plans to park in Trenton, at the moment. And I say at the moment only because this is Woodstock and we never totally rule anything out in case of emergencies," she said.

Woodstock organizers have scheduled a briefing Wednesday to announce their parking plans, Marder said. The concert, which features more than three dozen groups, will be held at the former Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome July 23-25. Organizers expect about 250,000 people to attend.

Marder also said that no Woodstock promoters "have approached anyone in that community."

After several incidents where people have misrepresented their connection with the concert, organizers have warned the public to be cautious, she said.

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