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Posted by Steve on August 05, 1999 at 12:43:38:

In Reply to: What Riots? posted by Kevin on August 05, 1999 at 01:33:16:

: I want to ask what riots are they all atlking about? (please read on before responding). Of course woodstock 99 was different that the original...the whole point is to represent the era and it's people. I was there and as I say this I am printing tee-shirts out, but anyways...this is my quote " Wood Stock '99: two days of love, peace, and happiness and one day of over-exposure by the media!" (if u would like to see this shirt or even buy one conatact me by e-mail. But anyways.I was there, and know that 99% of the people were lvong and caring for eachother,no violence for tweo days. Sure things got out of hand on the third day, but Riots? Riots are people fighting one was trying to harm another, they were fighting objects. Sure this may not show the present of the original Stock, but most of it was harmless. I do not agree with the looting or the burning of trailors or even the "rape", but as for the walls being torn down...who cares. It was all gonna be torn apart anyways. Even the organiser Mr. Lang said the tearing down of the wall is what woodstock is about, being able to take memories home with them. The media takes the 8 hours in which a little looting and arsons took place and made it sound like woodstock was a failure. But it wasn't! It was a success for the most part, and a few, and I mean a few people got out of hand and looted and raped people (which I have some doubts to some of these claims.) But most of the people did not take part in these crimes. TRhe original WOodstock had a whole lot more rapes (many of which were never claimed, it had more crimes (such as pick-pocketing ect..) and a whole lot more deaths! Why is this hardly menytioned....because the media didn't blow it up like they did. Woodstcok '99: Two days of peace, love and happiness; one day of over-exposure by the media!"

: _Kevin Serres (Toledo, OH)
: [email protected]
I could not agree with you more man, in the three days I was there I did not run into one rude person. We left before the "riots" so I did not get to see what went on first hand but I can believe that it was a small bunch of fools that started it all.

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